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Cranberry Walnut Fudge is a holiday favorite! This fudge features chucks of cranberries mixed with a sweet fudge base and crunchy English walnuts. Serve this fudge as a holiday dessert or wrap it up and give it as a delicious present. Crammed with Cranberries and Walnuts! Our newest fudge is packed with tart, tangy, dried cranberries and crisp walnut chunks. Pre-packaged containers make it an easy fudge to share or give as a gift.

Fox Fudge has been known for being one of the most premium fudges that money can buy. The quality of the premium ingredients has never been compromised.

Fox Fudge™ has become famous for the taste and quality of its over 100 gourmet flavors of fudge in both regular and sugar-free varieties. The fudge is not only ultra smooth and creamy, but it’s not as sweet as most other fudge which allows the true flavor of the fudge to come through rather than just the sweetness of sugar. While there are over 100 known recipes for making fudge, we like to say our recipe is number 101! Every batch is cooked with meticulous care by artisan fudge makers who take extreme pride in knowing that every bite of Fox Fudge™ will be the best you’ve ever had. We take no shortcuts on ingredients either, as we use pure cane sugar, Dutch cocoa, Belgian chocolate, AA grade butter, sweet cream, and Sustainable Palm Oil. Our sugar-free fudge is nothing short of amazing. While the taste is incredible, more amazing is the fact that it is reduced in calories, has low glycemic, is very low in net carbs, and is an excellent source of fiber. It can even be used in diets to give the feeling of being full and help to reduce hungry feelings. All of this, yet it is less harsh to the digestive system compared to most sugar-free candies.

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