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Have A Taste Monthly Fudge Subscription

This is your chance to have your favorite Fox Fudge Delivered to your doorstep or office monthly.

Ever wish that the fudge would just keep coming? Well, now it can with our Have a Taste Monthly Fudge Subscription. The best part about this is that you get to have your favorite fudge delivered every month while saving 10% off your order. We have many customers who tell us they love knowing that each month they will be getting their taste fudge delivered to enjoy for the month. Some even have multiple subscriptions to enjoy multiple fudges at different times each month. 

Make sure when ordering, click on "Have a Taste Monthly," and the price will drop down 10%, then proceed through the checkout. Once completed, we will rush you the first order of your favorite fudge, and then each month following, on that same date, another batch of delicious fudge will follow. 

This is a great gift for anyone in the family, office, or neighborhood. It is the gift that keeps on giving. You, or a very special someone, will enjoy a fresh box of some of Tennessee's best gourmet fudge delivered monthly to your door.

Have a Taste Monthly Subscription
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