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 Let's welcome Spring with our delicious Strawberry Cheesecake Fudge!

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My name is Mike Fox. I live in Middle Tennessee. Fox Fudge was born in November 2021. January 2022 it became a reality.


The reason I have established Fox Fudge is simple. I have worked in a customer service/delivery oriented industry for most of my adult life.  It all started in 1989 when I began delivering milk door-to-door. This fueled my passion for meeting people and forming relationships, while providing a needed service.  My wife, Tammye, and I started doing special events as a hobby in 2014. This truly became a passion that we both shared. We wanted to work together, meet old and new friends, eat good food, especially sugary-sweet treats, and offer a unique product that EVERYONE would love. 


After much researching and taste testing, we discovered a unique, creamy, ultra smooth, rich, decadent fudge that unmatched anything else on the market.  It is called “The Ultimate Fudge” for a reason. Every batch is made from scratch, stirred and cooked over an open flame with meticulous care by artisan fudge makers who take extreme pride in knowing that every bite will be the best you’ve ever had. We do NOT take any shortcuts, and only use the finest ingredients, using only pure cane sugar, Dutch cocoa, Belgian chocolate, AA grade butter, sweet cream and sustainable palm oil. 


Whether we meet you at an event, where samples will be available, or you purchase online, we appreciate you giving us the opportunity to be a part of your “Fox Fudge” experience.

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Mike and Tammye Fox

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“There is nothing better than a friend,
  unless it is a friend with FUDGE.” 

our cacao beans


Fox Fudge is an award-winning Tennessee fudge known for it’s rich taste and creamy texture. With just one bite of our “made from scratch” fudge, which is stirred and cooked over an open flame by fudge artisans, you know why it’s “The Ultimate Fudge”! 

Made with only premium ingredients: Belgian Chocolate, Dutch Cocoa, Grade AA Butter & Cream, Sustainable Palm Oil.

Shipped directly to your doorstep all over the United States.

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Carol W.

I recently had the opportunity to try several flavors of Fox Fudge, and WOW - it’s SO good!!! Sweet folks, too! Support this local business, and indulge in some delicious, decadent fudge!

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Sean K.

Fox Fudge is absolutely AMAZING! Their fudge is sooooo good. I Have tried about 6 different flavors so far and each one is delicious! So creamy, not too over powering sweet, makes me want to eat the whole bar in one sitting.

Google Fox Fudge.png

Natalie K.

I was never a huge "Fudge Fan" Until I tried Fox Fudge. The flavors they offer are so good. I particularly like the strawberry cheesecake. So creamy, So delicious. Can not wait to try more flavors.

Chocolate Mint Fudge Close Up

Maggie F.

I ordered my fudge, and it showed up so fast, perfect for a Gift for Valentine's Day. I also had to buy one for myself, and WOW is it good. My husband better share his with me. I will certianly be thinking of Fox Fudge for gifts from now on.

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Peggy A.

I am addicted after the first bite!  The fudge is delicious ! I think I will have to hide it from myself !  I am on a sugar high right now but it was worth it!  Very good fudge!

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